I'll never forget Riley's session. Not for as long as I live. You know why? Because a raw chicken LITERALLY fell from the sky. Literally.


I hold my breath when a redhead walks into the studio. Like...I don't get excited about TOO many things but when I know I'm going to get to photograph a redhead....whoa. Give me space for my happy dance!

Smile, laugh, share all your joy, Hailey. You're going places in this world. Enjoy it!

Alycia White Redmond Oregon Senior Portrait Photographer.jpg


Like sister, like brother.

It was two years ago that I was photographing Remy's big (little) sister, Ryly. And not to my surprise, he was just as easy and captivating to shoot. Holy BLUE STEEL, Remy. Lay off...will ya!


"We have nothing to lose and a world to see."

Elizabeth, thank you for being so fun to photograph. I started that day with low energy and, if I'm being honest, I was a little grumpy about all the things I had on my plate. When I started photographing you, all of the stress just melted away and I couldn't stop giggling. You are so sweet!

Alycia White Redmond Oregon Senior Photographer.jpg


She couldn't be more different. More unique.

I mean, who can rock a Harry Potter wand for their Seniors? This girl. Obviously.

Alycia White Redmond Senior Portrait Photographer.jpg

Senior Week: Finally Friday

Thank you to everyone who participated during senior week! We are so excited for another great year! Here are the winners for the senior week giveaways: 

T/LT lip glosses: Cassandre LaFon

Vanilla gift cards: Kensie Gore

Nashelle necklaces: Morgan Slavey

 Dutch Bros gift cards: Bente Anderson


 * Don't forget! Today is the last day you can book your senior session for $100 off!


Featured Upcoming Seniors:

Meghan Wood

My name is Meghan Wood and I'm in the graduating class of 2017. Some of my interests include volleyball, hiking, or really anything outgoing. I'm very excited for what my senior year has in store for me. I am very excited to begin my senior year and make it one to remember. After high school I plan to go to college and find something that I love and then hopefully make a career out of it!

Mary McLane

 I have lived in Central Oregon the majority of my life. I've lived on a small 10 acre farm in Powell Butte for about 11 years now, and I've been surrounded by lots of farm animals since day one! I've always had a love for horses and riding. Another one of my big passions is singing and music. I play piano and sing for Shiloh Ranch Cowboy Church here in Powell Butte, and it's something I look forward to doing every day! After high school I plan on going to Western Oregon University in Monmouth, Oregon and major in elementary education, 3rd or 4th grade. Lots of people ask me if I'm up for the challenge of dealing with little ones at that age, but I figure that's the age kids start learning the core standards of academics that will continue all through middle school and high school. While these years can be hard for most kids, I want to be a fun, loving teacher that can connect with them and hopefully be a role model to them. In my senior year, I look forward to job shadowing and interning at any schools I can in order to prepare myself for my dream job. I also look forward to the memories and friendships I'm going to make in the last year of high school!  

Senior Week: Style Tuesday

Happy Style Tuesday! One of the things we love about photographing our seniors is seeing them rock their own personal styles...

From light, flowing dresses to ripped skinny jeans, the clothes that you choose for your photo shoot will add to the overall look and feel of your portraits! If you are in need of some inspiration for your next photo shoot, visit our Pinterest board

Make sure to fill out the form on this link to enter to win one of our 8 Senior Week prizes! For you fashionistas, we are giving away two gift cards to Vanilla Urban Threads in Bend! We will be announcing all winners on Friday. 

Don't forget! If you pre book your senior session during Senior Week, you will receive $100 dollars toward your session. That is the best deal we offer! 

Featured Seniors:

Grace Carpenter

My senior year is going to be an emotional roller coaster! It's a time to reflect on the past 4 years and how it has all helped me get to where I am today. My senior year is about finding myself and figuring out the rest of my life. I can't wait to see where my senior year takes me.

Obed Eriza

Obed Eriza

My name is Obed Eriza and I go to Madras High School. I am 17 years old (a junior) and very active in many things. I play soccer year round and tennis for high school. I also have good grades in school. I'd like to say I have a pretty okay taste in clothes, which I got from my older sister. 

Hannah Carpenter

Hannah Carpenter

This next year is going to be one of the most emotional and crazy years of my life. It's a year of reflection on what goals, fears and plans I have for the future. Senior year is going to be all about getting prepared for college. I plan to be a pediatric physical therapist but I'm still young so nothing's set in stone.

Senior Week: Makeup Monday

It's that time of year again: Senior Week! 

When you take your senior photos you want to look and feel your very best, so why not have your makeup done by our very own Kate Tuma? Kate is an award winning, professional makeup artist who has been doing hair and makeup for our Senior girls for years. We love using her for shoots at our studio because our girls feel so comfortable and confident going into their sessions! 

Katie and our friend, Heather Nashelle, have started an all-natural cosmetic line and are giving away two of their signature lip gloss shades for Senior Week! Make sure to fill out the form on this link to enter to win one of our 8 Senior Week prizes! We will be announcing all winners on Friday! 

Don't forget! If you pre book your senior session during Senior Week, you will receive $100 dollars toward your session. That is the best deal we offer! 

Featured Upcoming Seniors: 

Kelsee Morgan

The thing I am most excited about for my senior year would probably be getting to spend it with my best friends. I have two really close friends that I have spent my whole high school career with and being able to spend my senior year with them is so exciting. I am also really looking forward to being on the dance team at my school again because dancing is something I really enjoy. I am planning to go to college in California to become an Anesthesiologist. I really want to do something that can help people in the medical field. I would love to live somewhere warm and close to a beach. I love the sun and I think living in California would be the perfect fit for me!

Mallory Hall

I love being outdoors and playing volleyball. I have played volleyball for almost twelve years. For nine years I have played travel volleyball for Rimrock. I'm excited for my senior year because it will be my last year of school volleyball and I will get to spend it with the people I love. After high school I plan on going to college to become a pediatrician because I love kids and I would love being able to help them!


Coral was super sweet and we had so much fun on her session. She brought her best friend and her mom and had all of the locations for her session kicked out in advance. I love it when my girls choose their own locations because it makes the session so much more personal to them. Her session was so ethereal and she reminds me of a fairy princess. The lighting was perfect, the weather was perfect, her hair was perfect, her outfits were perfect, her smile was perfect. My goodness... She. Is. Perfect.


"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." -Eleanor Roosevelt


"The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides."-Audrey Hepburn


Taynara is a trooper. It was pouring down rain on the day of her session and she just rolled with it. You can't even tell! Great job, Taynara! You're beautiful.


Martha was a little nervous when she first came to her session. However, she had no reason to be! She's so beautiful and she did great! My assistant couldn't make it so it was just her and me and we had tons of fun. 

Alycia White Redmond Oregon Senior Photographer.jpg


Harleigh. She was so natural in front of the camera and had a specific vision for this session (Pinterest board included), which I loved! Her outfits were adorable and it was just an all-around great shoot! 


Jesslyn was one of my junior models last year. She has such a kind heart. The natural blonde color of her hair is a color I could only ever dream of having and her legs are longer than my entire body! She's a very talented competitive Irish Dancer. Her boyfriend and grandmother (most hip grandma you've ever met) came along for the session and it was a blast! So cute! Jesslyn is such a gem and SUCH a pleasure to photograph.

Jordan (Part 2)

Jordan's session was incredibly enjoyable. We had fun playing in the leaves and enjoying the Fall colors! Just a few years ago I got to shoot Jordan's brother Lane's senior session too. They are both so wonderful!


Wyatt's session turned in to a fun family affair. His mom, dad, brother, and aunt came to join him. We drove up to the Ochocos where he spends a lot of time hunting and fishing. We took some portraits in an old cabin where his father used to play as a kid. How so very special!


I met Jade at the gym a few months ago when I needed a model for a personal project. My original model couldn't make it to the shoot last minute, so I asked Jade (still in her gym clothes) and she agreed! We had tons of fun and just recently I got to take her senior photos! Isn't she just gorgeous?