I've known Halie for over ten years now. We met when I visited Central Oregon for the very first time. She was such a tiny little kid then! Her parents invited me to stay in their home and Halie and I shared her room...I'm pretty sure we even slept in the same bed without knowing each other. Through the years she has become exactly like a little sister to me. I'm so thankful for her and this beautiful little Oakley Girl she is carrying in her cute belly. I know I'm not her blood but that baby girl feels like a niece to me already. Love you, Bug. And your little bug baby.

Waiting for Baby

For you mothers out there; Do you remember what it was like? Waiting for your first little one? How anxious, excited, nervous, scared and all the other emotions you felt? The more your belly grows, the more anticipation there is. Okay...and (more) heartburn, (less) sleep, (more) ice cream, (less) sleep, (more) numbers on the scale, (less) sleep...

But one thing is for sure...it is ALL worth it.

From the Photographer: "Kimber and Brandon, You are going to be such amazing parents! You have a village of people that love you! It's obvious you are both such hard worker and so determined. I pray your family is blessed as is grows!"