Baby Emerie

"A baby girl...
one of the most beautiful miracles in life,
one of the greatest joys we can ever know,
and one of the reasons why
there is a little extra sunshine, laughter and happiness
in your world today."

Beach Family

I literally can't.

They are seriously straight out of some Pinterest page that's only purpose is to make you wish you had their life!

KayLea, those pants slay me.

Beau...just stop.

Karlea, I'm sorry...was this a family session with a seven year old or a Senior Session....sheesh!

Krew, handsome dude. I will steal you one day. Pack your bags, bud.

Kyler, you gave me a run for my money, Little Guy. But man...when we got that smile, it almost broke the glass in my camera.

I LOVE you, Beach Family!!

King Family

Three Daughters. I'm sure dad thought...."What the heck am I going to do with THREE GIRLS? Prom dresses? Boyfriends? Weddings? 'That time of the month'?! What am I going to DO?!"

But let me tell you, he figured it out. Because these girls clearly are growing up into lovely, smart, strong, happy young ladies who adore their mom and dad.

Thank you for letting me photograph your beautiful faces, King Family!!

(And your beautiful behinds too ;)

Finley Family

Porter, Porter, Porter. The first time I laid eyes (and a camera) on you was almost exactly two years ago. In your little Dinosaur Halloween costume. Three months old. What a little joy and treasure you have been to photograph over the last two years.

Jeff and Lexi, thank you from the bottom of my heart for trusting me to capture your Little Man and your family. Maybe it's because I'm preggers and emotional but I get choked up when I think of getting to watch you grow as a family. You are so special!!

Alycia White Redmond Oregon Family Photographer.jpg


I've known Halie for over ten years now. We met when I visited Central Oregon for the very first time. She was such a tiny little kid then! Her parents invited me to stay in their home and Halie and I shared her room...I'm pretty sure we even slept in the same bed without knowing each other. Through the years she has become exactly like a little sister to me. I'm so thankful for her and this beautiful little Oakley Girl she is carrying in her cute belly. I know I'm not her blood but that baby girl feels like a niece to me already. Love you, Bug. And your little bug baby.

The Duncans

This Fall has been amazing for our business. We have been busier than we ever expected. I knew there was no way I could keep up with the work load for the amount of people inquiring about sessions so I reached out to my very dear friend, Tiffany Lausen, who is an incredible photographer here in Central Oregon, and asked if she would be interested in associate shooting for me. She said yes!!!! And because of her, we have been able to accommodate more clients this season which means more families are getting photographed and more memories are being made. This images were taken by Tiffany. She was clearly the right gal for the job.

Meet the Duncan family!

The Copelands

The conditions for this session couldn't have been more perfect. Cute family, adorable kids, and a beautiful and warm evening smack dab in the middle of a freezing cold week! The little guy was serious at the beginning, but he warmed up quickly and gave us some contagious smiles! We  had fun laughing and playing around in the field with beautiful mountain views. Thank you, Copeland family for a fun, playful session!

The Pearsons

I love when families pick a meaningful place for their sessions. The Pearsons chose to have their portraits taken in front of their newly built, beautiful home. What an exciting time to remember! Their lovely faces and fun loving personalities combined with the soft glow of the sun resulted in such a beautiful family portrait session. I'm in love!

Sweet Family Fun

Lindsey is a dear, graphic designer, friend of mine who I met several years ago working for a mutual friend. We began a long string of girls' nights (for us) and play dates (for our girls). We have been through tough times in our businesses and have always been there to help the other process, learn and grow. I'm so thankful for how inspiring she is to me not only as a friend but as a wonderful mother and amazing business woman.

I love you Lindsey! And your lovely lovely family!

A Beautiful Day With The Smith Family

A beautiful day, a beautiful family, and a beautiful location- what more could a photographer ask for? The love between them shone as bright as their smiles.

Note from Alycia: "Smith Family, THANK YOU for inviting us to your lovely home, introducing us to family and spending a marvelous evening of fun, playing, dancing and laughing. I love to see your love for each other! Thank you for sharing it with us!"

Sister Love

What better way to spend a morning than running around in the sunlight, hopping like bunnies, and playing hide and seek?

Note from Alycia: "Sydney, Lexi and Jen! Larissa and I had so much fun playing with you at our shoot together! Thank you for having such lovely attitudes and smiling like such pretty princesses for us. We can't wait to play again!! MUAH!"