She couldn't be more different. More unique.

I mean, who can rock a Harry Potter wand for their Seniors? This girl. Obviously.

Alycia White Redmond Senior Portrait Photographer.jpg

Jordan (Part 2)

Jordan's session was incredibly enjoyable. We had fun playing in the leaves and enjoying the Fall colors! Just a few years ago I got to shoot Jordan's brother Lane's senior session too. They are both so wonderful!

Sister Love

What better way to spend a morning than running around in the sunlight, hopping like bunnies, and playing hide and seek?

Note from Alycia: "Sydney, Lexi and Jen! Larissa and I had so much fun playing with you at our shoot together! Thank you for having such lovely attitudes and smiling like such pretty princesses for us. We can't wait to play again!! MUAH!"

Alayna My Love

Sweet, little one. I can tell you're going to see the world in a special way. Your eyes are already so bright, your spirit so happy, your smile so soft.

From the Photographer: "Alayna, YOU are something super special. You are so HAPPY and full of JOY! I hope the older you get, the bigger your smile gets. You are going to bring light to many people."

Waiting for Baby

For you mothers out there; Do you remember what it was like? Waiting for your first little one? How anxious, excited, nervous, scared and all the other emotions you felt? The more your belly grows, the more anticipation there is. Okay...and (more) heartburn, (less) sleep, (more) ice cream, (less) sleep, (more) numbers on the scale, (less) sleep...

But one thing is for sure...it is ALL worth it.

From the Photographer: "Kimber and Brandon, You are going to be such amazing parents! You have a village of people that love you! It's obvious you are both such hard worker and so determined. I pray your family is blessed as is grows!"


Little Man McCrae

He waltzed right into the studio like he owned the place. Similar to the way (I'm almost certain) we will capture the hearts of many ladies one day.

From the Photographer: "McCrae! Thank you for spending the morning with me! You brought a little piece of joy to my life and I am so glad we got to snuggle and read books for a minute. You are a gift!"