A New Chapter

As some of you know, our sweet Kylla is headed off to college in just a couple short months. We are soooooo excited to see her pursue her dreams but so sad to see her leave. She has become a joy to work with and such a help at the studio. She is full of ambition and SUCH a hard worker. She brightens my day and inspires me with her honesty. She has become a sister to me and it hurts to send her off but she is going to do GREAT things so as much as I'd like to, I cannot keep her for myself.

I love you, Ky. You are so precious to me.


With that being said, we are bringing on someone new to help here at the studio! Everyone...meet Larissa!

She walked into the coffee shop for our first meetup with her cute little fashion sense and quietly sat down to chat. Her softness and tenderness toward people was so beautiful and became more and more obvious as our date went on. We scheduled dinner for the next week and, holy cow, she totally opened up!! This lady who, her first impression lead me to believe that she was the super quiet, shy type, totally jumped out of her skin and we laughed and chit-chatted until way past bedtime. (And I will neither confirm nor deny the allegations against us that we drove to Fred Meyer to get chocolate cake at 10pm.)

In the short time I've known her, she has also been such a joy to work with and I have such hope for our growth as a team!

Larissa, I am so excited to be able to work, learn and grow with you!


So basically, today, I'm just super, duper thankful. I am blessed. So, so blessed.