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Meet Alycia

Alycia White began her journey as a photographer and business woman when she started Echo Photography (portraits for families and children) out of her home in 2006. Her dream grew bigger in 2012 when she opened her downtown studio location in Prineville, located in the heart of Central Oregon. And then even bigger in 2014 when she moved her studio to downtown Redmond, Oregon and changed the studio name to Alycia White Photography.

Throughout the years, she always had a "sweet spot" for shooting High School Senior Girls. In the summer of 2012, after shooting more senior girls than ever before, she knew that was where her passion truly was and decided to expand.

She began to focus on creating a High School Senior Portrait Experience with a heavy emphasis on drawing out the unique character and personality of the senior. Alycia's sessions are fun and adventurous and show the individuality of her clients.

Alycia has also had several opportunities to speak and teach fellow photographers in the industry. Her passion is helping make others happy through her art and business and to help new photographers learn and grow. For more information about her work in the photography industry, visit.

She currently lives in Redmond, Oregon with her techie musician husband, Stewart, her sweet, sensitive daughter, Avonlea (Avie Sue), spunky little Melody (MoMo) and her handsome, happy son, Everette (Brother).

She also loves coffee, wine and chocolate and is always up for meeting new friends so send her a message and she'll probably take you to one or the other!

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Meet Danae

In 2016, Alycia was approached by a young, sweet photographer named Danae with a desire to learn and grow in the photography industry. She immediately began a year-long internship training under Alycia. She has since begun to work as Alycia's Associate Photographer as well as assists in the every day, studio responsibilities.

Danae developed her passion for photography in the 6th grade when she received her very first camera, taking it with her everywhere she went and capturing life's little moments. Her love for photography grew along with her passion for the arts and she is now an accomplished illustrator and hyper-realistic drawing and painting artist.

She lives in Central Oregon with her wonderful, supportive and very handy husband, Tyler who also helps at the studio from time to time and their two cats, Schmidt and Daisy...who do nothing but mooch.

In her sessions, Danae focuses on capturing the little moments that make each couple, child or family unique and the milestones that bring them closer together. She would describe her sessions as relaxed, fun and creative.

She has been an INCREDIBLE addition to our studio and we are thrilled to entrust our sessions and clients to her!